Meditainment LIVE!

Interactive audio/visual relaxation experience to focus the mind.

30 - 40 minutes
3 - 100


Meditainment LIVE! is a group meditation interactive audio/visual experience delivered by a presenter via online conferencing or in-person at a staged event. Meditainment utilises established guided meditation and visualisation techniques, leading users on imaginative journeys to dreamlike destinations to explore and reflect on a range of wellbeing topics. Acclaimed by the public and press alike as the “ultimate nerve-soother for a punishing lifestyle”, with Meditainment anyone can experience the power of their calm mind first time. Absolutely no previous meditation experience is necessary; it's as easy as listening to a relaxing story with your eyes closed. Unique, highly accessible and engaging, the guided meditation journeys promotes better health and wellbeing in an exciting and interesting way; meditation that takes you places!

How the event works

After a welcome by the presenter, participants are introduced to 16 destinations they can travel to on a guided meditation journey. These include amazing places such as the Secret Garden, Lost City, Deep Ocean, Mountain Refuge, Desert Oasis and the Blue Lagoon. A series of votes are taken with the Zoom polling function to decide democratically the chosen destination of the group, who then close their eyes and embark on their journey, enjoying all the wellbeing benefits of meditation along the way.

Learning Outcomes

The act of meditation has many well-known psychological benefits including stress reduction, relaxation, recharge, clarity of thought, as well as improved mood, and generally being better equipped to deal with life’s ups and downs.

Meditainment Library

Why not take this event a step further and provide online access to the Meditainment Library for a far-reaching and ongoing wellbeing initiative in your workplace.

Lifetime access to an online library of 34 guided meditations can be given to individuals directly via a web-based management and reporting portal or from a corporate intranet. Find out more from the producers of Meditainment; Wellmind Health.

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Relaxing, meditative experience. Enabled everyone to refocus and get the most out of the conference. Much more effective than what we initially expected.

Young Entrepreneurs' Organization (YEO)

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